A tribute to Sir Peter Blake (1948 - 2001)
  Sir Peter Blake
  1948 - 2001
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Always in our hearts

This memorial site was created in memory of, Sir Peter Blake, who was born on October 1, 1948 and died on December 5, 2001.

This was a Kiwi who seemed so much larger than life. He was "big stuff" in whatever he did and he carried the spirit of thousands of New Zealanders along with him.
By the time he died Peter Blake was a husband, a father, a sailor, an adventurer, a passionate environmentalist and a New Zealand national hero. He commanded, but never sought, world-wide respect on an international stage.
Born into a family of four in Bayswater Auckland, Peter grew up around boats and it became clear from an early age that he loved the sea. It was also clear that he loved sailing - not only that, he was good at it.
Just how good was blazingly obvious when he (and some very talented others!) arrived back in New Zealand one day with a piece of silverware that required secure protection.

Winning the Americas Cup was an undoubted hightlight of an illustrious yachting career but Peter Blake, the man, will go down in history as a person who challenged New Zealanders to exceed their personal best.

The marvels of modern communication more than ever helped make Peter Blake a household name but unlike many other national names in a similar dimension, Peter Blake was a man who captured our hearts.

Perhaps the real proof of how much he meant to us lies in the simple things he left behind. Phrases like "5 zip" - how to win the Americas' Cup and how to defend it. And red socks - how to pull a nation together to fight for a cause.

Sadly this outstanding life came to an abrupt end on December 5, 2001 when Peter was shot trying to defend his friends in Macapa Brazil, at the mouth of the Amazon.

This tragic loss was deeply felt by a large number of New Zealanders - a fact that was clearly demonstrated by more than 30,000 Aucklanders who turned up to his memorial service to farwell the boy from Bayswater.

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Message from Jonathan Carroll - fan
I am 37yrs maori male who has spent the past 20yrs working in the NZ commercial fishing sector. i am interested in all thing nautical i have become to see the potential that Sir Peter influenced into others in the quest for a better understanding of the harmful effects we are contributing as a species to our Taonga Rangatira Tangaroa. I would like to express my sorrow at a huge loss that has left a void in the pursuit of a better quality of oceans may we take the time to acknowledge his work and efforts in being more aware ourselves and to ensure that we each can make a little difference to be a better custodians of our waters. thank you for being the great man you were... you have inspired me to believe, believe that changes are comming

Message from daniel wallis - 2nd cousin
he was my 2nd cousin a greatly missed person. but deep down inside i know god will take better care of him. than anyone in the world ever cud. p.s. miss you bro i remember when we used to go sailing together but those stupid pirates took your great life away you and grandad were my 2 people that have made me want to join the navy i will fight for you and rest of NZ cuz

Message from daniel wallis - 2nd cousin
he was my 2nd cousin im sure he will be greatly missed i remember all the crying at his funeral

Message from Alastair Dow - fellow Kiwi
I read a phrase once and it went something like this... Dear God, do not let me drown in the sea of mediocrity. Peter Blake certainly did not drown in the sea of mediocrity. There are some people that live their lives helping others and there are some that are larger than life and can carry a multitude of people along with them, paving the way and enriching their lives. Peter Blake was such a person, an outstanding individual that changed and bettered countless lives.......

Message from Grant Maconaghie - Fellow Kiwi

What a man, he had vision, drive and determination and was simply a good and decent man who wanted to make a positive difference, and by God he sure did make a positive difference in everything he did.

Sadly in defending his friends from armed robbers we lost one the greatest New Zealanders ever  


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Brief Tributes to
Sir Peter

Tribute placed by
Lucas P
on 16/03/2012:

He was a great man and his way of death wasn't deserved. HE SHOULD BE ALIVE, DAMMIT!

Tribute placed by
devaan nicholas
on 28/06/2011:

Sir Peter Blake was a hero and a great New Zealander and Will say in Our hearts forever and ever <3

Tribute placed by
on 28/09/2010:

Sinto vergonha por ser conterrâneo de pessoas que causaram a morte do nosso herói. Fique em paz.

Tribute placed by
on 21/07/2009:


Tribute placed by
kelsey moore
on 16/02/2009:

he was a great yachtsmen R.I.P SIR PETER BLAKE

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